NEFF pops up with Augmented Reality display in central London

Home appliance manufacturer brand, NEFF, is harnessing the latest technology in a series of events across some of the busiest locations in England.

Last week, NEFF teamed up with advertising agency 3rockAR to install a fully equipped, state-of-the-art NEFF kitchen in the middle of London Waterloo station, all thanks to the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

With the use of a giant mirror, users could see a full NEFF kitchen and dinner setting pop up from out of the ground on the busy station concourse, giving passers-by the opportunity to see themselves in the kitchen.

Being played in a short 30-second loop, the animation begins with the kitchen units and dinner table appearing out of the ground, followed by the range of NEFF appliances, complete with its famous Slide&Hide oven. The animation ends with dinner being served ready for a dinner party.

The augmented reality pop-up experience is an interactive, engaging way of showcasing the appliances to a wide audience. The combination of virtual 3D images appearing in unexpected surroundings brings a renewed level of engagement from potential customers and those new to the brand.

Following the success of the Waterloo event, a further AR pop-up is taking place this week, on Thursday (25) and Friday (26) April at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Jo Eyers, NEFF Group Marketing Manager, said: “We’ve had some fantastic feedback from people that saw the pop up at Waterloo and are so excited for everyone to see the animation again in Bluewater this weekend. It’s a fantastic way to showcase our products and give people a feel for what NEFF is all about – bringing everyone together through a love of cooking.”