NAD announces partnership with MQA

NAD Electronics, the AV components manufacturer, has today partnered with MQA (Master Quality Authenticated).

MQA music will now be supported on selected NAD BluOS-enabled components as part of a 2.2.5 firmware update. The MQA format promises master quality audio in a file that is small enough to stream or download.

MQA music will be available on the NAD M12, M50, M32 and C 390DD, with a view to supporting additional BluOS-enabled models in the future.

“NAD and MQA are excited for consumers to experience the magic of original studio recordings in the home,” said Greg Stidsen, NAD’s director of technology and product planning. “MQA’s first implementation within BluOS brought master quality audio to NAD’s sister company, Bluesound. We can now advise NAD users of BluOS that they will also have access to original studio recordings. It’s an exciting development and we are proud to be among the first high performance audio companies to deliver the MQA technology for music lovers.”

MQA has previously partnered with audio brands Pioneer, Meridian, Onkyo, Mytek and Brinkmann.

Bob Stuart, MQA’s creator, added: “Being able to connect listeners with the artist’s original studio recording through premium audio components, such as NAD, is incredibly exciting for MQA.”