Miele’s brand campaign continues with adverts hitting our TV screens this Spring

Miele’s ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ brand campaign continues on, with renewed content hitting TV and digital platforms from this week. The campaign is designed to drive awareness and desire for the premium brand while addressing the consumer question, “Why Miele?”

Helen Pyman, Marketing Director for Miele GB, said that following the success of Miele’s TV advertising last year, the company will continue to invest significantly in creating wider consumer awareness throughout 2022.

“A mix of TV, digital and social advertising has proven to be highly effective for us and we expect our upcoming six-week campaign to deliver over 38 million impressions and reach 82 per cent of our target audience,” she said. “This is great news for our retail partners as we drive demand and increase market share, helping them grow their businesses with Miele.”

The manifesto behind the campaign centres around Miele’s 120-year heritage in appliance manufacturing; the company said every detail of its products is crafted and perfected with “meticulous German engineering” to achieve “ultimate reliability”.

The distinctive creative assets of this campaign will include brand messaging as well as specific unique selling points for Miele laundry appliances, such as its patented EcoDry technology, which is gentle on clothes and guarantees long-term low energy consumption along with short drying times for the entire life cycle of the product.

The ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ campaign will run on various AV platforms and channels, including Channel 4, SKY and ITV, plus Broadcaster Video on Demand platforms such as ITV Hub, SKY, and Channel 4 On Demand. Short-Form Video on Demand will be used on Hearst Magazines, YouTube and Facebook.