Miele launches new marketing campaign around its award-winning sustainability

Miele is launching a major consumer digital marketing campaign to promote its sustainability credentials.

Entitled ‘Obsessed with quality that lasts’, the campaign will evolve throughout the year and is designed to build brand awareness and communicate sustainability features and benefits across all Miele product categories; it will include digital display and social media advertising, online point of sale, influencers, podcast sponsorship and PR.

This follows the introduction in November of the new ‘Which? Eco Buy’ recommendation, awarded to four Miele washing machines. The German appliance manufacturer is the first brand to licence the new accreditation in its marketing material.

Helen Pyman, Marketing Director for Miele GB, said that customers are increasingly wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and make better, more informed choices when it comes to buying major domestic appliances.

“They want to know that their appliances come from manufacturers who care about the environment, who build products that not only improve their lives, but also use less energy and are built to last so that they don’t have to be replaced often.”

Miele’s WWI 860 Washing Machine is one of the first
washing machines to receive the Which? Eco Buy Accolade

She added: “At Miele, our philosophy is to be Immer Besser – forever better – in all that we do. The new Which? Eco Buy accolade is a highly valued, independent endorsement of everything the Miele brand stands for.”

Miele said its washing machines, dishwashers and vacuums are all tested to last for the equivalent of 20 years of use. So far this year, Which? reported: “Miele washing machines will need replacing less often than those of its rivals on average. Miele machines not only wash well, but they last too.”

Which? is initially focusing its rigorous testing on washing machines and dishwashers that have the least harmful impact on the environment while still saving customers money. It also looks at the ‘repairability’ of the appliance and takes into account energy efficiency and water usage.

The consumer champion has also awarded Miele 53 out of a possible 54 Best Buys in the past two years and was awarded the coveted Which? Large Kitchen Appliance Brand of the Year 2020.