MHK Group launches in the UK

MHK has announced its official launch in the UK. As one of Europe’s leading buying group for independent kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailers, MHK’s arrival brings with it a successful community that empowers owner-managed retailers with first class purchase prices and innovative services.

MHK Group said it sees enormous potential in the UK kitchen market, the third largest in Europe, and seeks to offer UK members exactly what it offers in Europe: its outstanding business connections and contracts with the best kitchen suppliers, best purchase prices for its members, first class services in marketing and communication plus a central payment system – the latter of which has never before been offered in the UK by a kitchen buying group.

MHK’s Central Payment System streamlines the payments process for both retail and supplier members, minimising credit risks for suppliers in the process. Lower risk means lower prices for MHK members.

“We are confident no other buying group can offer the purchase price and conditions offered by MHK. Thanks to the collective strength and purchasing power of more than 2700 members our members will have access to the best possible prices,” said MHK-expansion managing director, Marcel Crezee. “The first UK kitchen dealers started working with us from 1 January 2018 and our goal is to strengthen the performance of specialist shops and to increase their return on investment.”

In addition to the first-class purchasing conditions, the MHK Group supports its members with an extensive range of services developed over nearly 40 years. These include marketing, digital support, business management and kitchen specialist planning software from CARAT.

Bryan & Caroline Newton of Hadley Kitchens in Leamington Spa, one of MHK’s first UK members, sum up their reason for signing up: “We joined MHK because of the great support we have received and to give us access to a much broader range of suppliers with great buying terms.”

MHK UK’s Sales Director, Paul Wheeler, commented: “We are delighted to have already had an excellent start in the UK and are very pleased that we have won some of the best kitchen suppliers (including Electrolux, Miele and Warendorf) as industry partners. We already have a significant number of some of the biggest and finest kitchen retailers in the UK as members, and our aim is to significantly increase this figure by the end of next year.”

Alison Mackie, Miele’s Head of Field Sales in the UK, commented on Miele UK’s membership: “MHK is a highly influential organisation for the European kitchen market, especially in Miele’s home country of Germany, and we are delighted to now be working with them in the UK. MHK has a proven business model that offers peace of mind to manufacturers, along with exceptional contacts and expertise.”

Bauformat, part of the Baumann Group, has been a supplier member of MHK in all countries for many years and now also in the UK. Matthias Berens, Managing Director explains the advantages they have gained through the partnership, “We are delighted to work together with the MHK group, one of the leading purchase & marketing organisations in Europe. The advantages they can give to our dealers with in-house credit insurance, planning software assistance and marketing support, are invaluable. The family environment they create is totally in keeping with our Baumann Group motto ‘The Kitchen Family’.”