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Editor’s comment: ‘Tis the season

Welcome to the latest issue of ERT, where this month we have a couple of big features. Firstly, outdoor living. As the weather is starting to warm up (sort of… let’s face it, we’re in Britain) people will begin to spend more time outside, whether that’s out and about or hosting gathering in their gardens.

So what better time for electrical retailers to get in on the action! And there’s quite a growing collection of nifty gadgets now to appeal to most people’s style, requirements and budget. Rugged portable speakers are seasonal favourites, from designer Bluetooth ones to larger ‘party size’ ones with lights and input for a microphone!

Then there’s outdoor viewing. Just when you thought that having a TV in nearly every room of the house wasn’t enough, brands are now allowing consumers to catch up on Corrie and follow the football out in the garden too! Certain brands lead in this space, no question, but it’ll be interesting to see how this corner of the market expands after the boom it saw during lockdown – helped along of course by the unusually tropical weather at the time.

Turn to page 20 to read more from Steve May on the subject and feast your eyes on some of the coolest kit around at the moment.

Another big topic in this issue is the power of online. From page 34 this month, industry experts share their views on how the retail industry has moved online in a big way and how independents have – or still need to – follow suit.

It doesn’t matter if your retail site is old or new, transactional or not… what matters is what you do with it and how it is aligned to your physical in-store messaging and values. The phrase ‘omni-channel’ is banded about so often these days, but it’s such a crucial term now. Retailers simply cannot focus on just one side of their business, as both the store and the website have to complement each other perfectly.

In all honesty, this is just the beginning. There’s plenty more advice in this edition… which is much more coherent and useful than what I can offer!

But I must also acknowledge the fantastic online examples from across our industry. There are some seriously impressive websites and social platforms from independent electrical retailers now – many of which have been recognised at the ERT Awards in recent years. And I look forward to celebrating these forward-thinking businesses at the Awards again in London this October.

On that note. Attention retailers! You have only a few days left to put your entry in! Last-minute submissions are still being accepted:

Jack Cheeseman – Editor –

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