Linn invests £1.1m in new machinery

Music system manufacturer Linn has announced a £1.1 million investment in its factory based in Scotland.

The company said the investment would ensure it remained at “the forefront of audio innovation”.

Machinery across the whole production process will be upgraded, which will include: new metalwork machining capability; new surface mount technology, which enables components to be placed more closely together to minimise the length of audio signal paths; and vapour phase soldering, which is said to eliminate the possibility of oxygen causing oxidisation of soldered joints.

Linn said each of its products is built, tested and packaged in-house by one person who signs their name on it.

The company has a turnover of £16.4m and said it is continuing to see growth in both the UK and export markets.

Linn managing director Gilad Tiefenbrun said: “We are passionate about precision engineering and this recent investment in renewing our production capabilities allows us to continue to innovate and create products with unbeatable performance. Linn makes the best audio systems in the world due to our meticulous research, development and production standards, allowing us to enrich people’s lives through music.”