Lightwave Announces Expansion into Europe

The fully integrated smart home tech will now be available in retail and online stores across Europe

Lightwave, the UK smart home automation company, is launching a range of lighting and power solutions throughout Europe including all major countries throughout the Spring season.

The smart home brand offers fully integrated home automation to monitor and manage lighting, heating and power, and is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. The Lightwave products can be controlled manually, via the Lightwave app or by voice with use of a smart speaker.

Lightwave’s dimmer switches and power sockets enable intelligent control, energy monitoring and two-way communication. They are simple to install and use the home’s existing wiring, keeping costs and time to install to a minimum. As of April 2019, its fully integrated smart sockets and light switches will be shipped across 19 European countries, and will be available via Apple’s online store, Lightwave directly and distribution via other retailers will follow.

CEO of Lightwave, Jason Elliott commented: “We are incredibly excited to be expanding into Europe. With more than 10 years of growth under our belts in the UK, we’re confident we are bringing to market the smartest socket available in Europe.”

The Lightwave sales team, headed up by CRO Adam Williams (above), has expanded to deliver growth in both the UK and Europe with two new appointments in the past month. Chris Jupp (previously Honeywell) will lead retail sales development in EMEA and Laura Davenhall (previously Roberts Radio) will manage the online retail channel.

Lightwave devices offer an add-on sales opportunity for customers investing in home entertainment and/or domestic appliances, as well as those simply aspiring to a smart home. There is a unique opportunity for electrical retailers who are also able to offer installation services and due to the modular nature of the Lightwave system, there is an ongoing revenue opportunity with switch and socket sales for each new room added.

Product Overviews

Smart Dimmer

Lightwave’s smart dimmers are designed to control the lighting within the smart home. With a Link Plus hub and one smart dimmer, everything the customer needs is there to start controlling lighting, setting scenes, and create scheduled automations (such as turning on the lights whilst away to mimic occupancy) from a smartphone or tablet, wherever they are located. Voice control is an additional convenient benefit, giving retail customers the ability to set lighting to just the right level, even if their hands are full.

Smart Socket

Lightwave’s retro-fittable smart sockets are easy to install with no need for extra wiring. Plug any device into the socket and the power feed can be switched on and off via the Lightwave app. Whether that’s setting the cooker to come on at a particular time or turning off the straighteners that were left plugged in, it’s easier than ever to start controlling your power remotely.