LG unveils OLED TV line-up for Europe

Amie Filcher reports from LG InnoFest, Crete

LG Electronics has unveiled its new multi-HDR TVs for the European market, including the W wallpaper Signature OLED TV.

The new line-up features 10 models, which include the ‘picture-on-wall’ design of the W series, as well as the blade-slim design of the B7 and C7 series and the ‘picture-on-glass’ design of the E7 and G7 (pictured) series.

According to the company, the new W7 series adheres to its “less is more” philosophy, with the OLED screens measuring 4mm thick. They can be mounted to the wall using magnetic brackets, meaning that no gap is left between the wall and the TV.

The screen also features upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers to complete the “sense of immersion”. LG claimed it is also the world’s first OLED TV to incorporate Dolby Atmos.

The TVs will also include LG’s latest version of webOS smart TV platform for access to the latest HDR content.

LG has also introduced its Super UHD TV line-up for Europe, which includes 14 models, three of which – the SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8100 – are being shown at this year’s InnoFest. All of the new Super UHD TVs feature Nano Cell LCD displays, which was first revealed at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The line-up also features technology from LG’s partnership with Technicolor, which aims to deliver “the most vivid colours” to consumers.