LG to reveal deep learning technology at CES

Korean Electronics giant LG will unveil its “deep learning” technology at CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8.

The company said the technology will allow its home appliances to better understand their users by gathering and studying their lifestyle patterns over time. It will be included in its newest robot vacuum, smart refrigerator, smart air conditioner and washing machine.

The robot cleaner will recognise objects around the room and react accordingly. It will be able to capture surface images of the room and remember obstacles to learn to avoid them.

The smart refrigerator will analyse usage and eating patterns to “predict” the family’s activities based on their past behaviour.

The smart air conditioner analyses the daily behaviour patterns of its homeowners to provide the most comfortable temperatures throughout busier periods of the day.

And its washing machine will be able to learn about the local environment and its user’s everyday activities to provide optimal washing performance.

“Deep learning technology is the next phase in the evolution of smart appliances, and as an industry leader, we have the responsibility of being an early mover,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and home appliance & air solutions company. “But even more important than what appliances are capable of will be how companies behave when entrusted with data. At LG, we believe performance and convenience do not mean having to sacrifice security and privacy. They can and should exist simultaneously.”