LG Signature display push launches in 12 indies

Korean brand LG is embarking on a major push for its LG Signature range of premium products in independent retailers.

Twelve stores across the country will have LG Signature displays installed in shop-in-shop areas.

The Signature range was announced at CES in Las Vegas in January 2016 and includes 4K OLED TVs in 77in and 65in, the Instaview side-by-side, door-in-door refrigerator, the LSF100W washing machine and an air purifier.

The displays will differ depending on each retailer – some will include home appliances or TVs, some will include both and there will also be some areas that will feature air purification.

The 12 retailers that will have the LG Signature Displays are:

Built-in Kitchen Appliances, Liverpool;

Carters, Brighton, East Sussex;

Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne;

Gillmans, Gloucester;

HBH Woolacotts, St Austell, Cornwall;

Marks Electrical, Leicester;

Peter Tyson, Carlisle, Cumbria;

Purewell, Christchurch, Dorset;

Stellisons in Chelmsford, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk;

Vaughans in Haverfordwest and Cardiff, Wales.

Carolyn Anderson
Carolyn Anderson

Speaking exclusively to ERT, LG UK’s marketing director Carolyn Anderson said: “We’re aiming for 12 indies to have our Signature displays. Signature is a strategic focus for us – particularly from a branding perspective.

“We’re not expecting to smash sales records with Signature, but we are expecting it to do a job on high-end market share – that’s our main KPI [key performance indicator]. That’s across washing, refrigeration and TV. It’s about how we use the Signature brand to drive high-end market share across the range.”

She added: “We’ll probably end up doing around 20 to 25 Signature displays this year with key retail partners – I would expect 50 per cent of those to be indies. We’re prioritising the indie retail displays at the moment.”

LG is also currently in the process of finalising its Q4 advertising and marketing activity for peak season.

There will be a £4 million campaign, including TV advertising and a nationwide premium TV consumer roadshow at shopping centres across the country.

Said Ms Anderson: “In October, we are looking to kick off the largest premium TV roadshow we have ever done, bringing to life the true capabilities and usages of our TVs.

“We’ll be working with our partners to showcase and demonstrate the superiority of gaming, movies and sport on our TVs.

“In conjunction with that, there will be our peak, flagship campaign that will air in October and will run across TV, digital and video-on-demand, predominantly.”

LG UK recently celebrated its 30th anniversary – the subsidiary was launched in July 1987.

The first office was in Slough, Berkshire – in 1987 there were 12 employees at LG UK. The company now employs almost 250 people at its headquarters in Weybridge, Surrey.

To celebrate its 30 years in the UK, LG recently held a family day barbecue for employees, friends and families.

  • Main image: LG Signature display at Carters in Brighton