LG partners with designer Patrick Grant for Esquire Townhouse event

LG partnered with award-winning fashion designer Patrick Grant to create a modern living space at the Esquire Townhouse with Dior event.

The showcase was displayed last month with Mr Grant’s concept combining the LG Signature range with the rich heritage of the Townhouse on Carlton Terrace.

The design included a freestanding, modular, cubic living system, which was part of Mr Grant’s vision for premium modern living.

LG products on display included the LG Signature OLED W TV, Signature washing machine, refrigerator and air purifier.

Mr Grant said: “This was not simply about designing a great installation, the challenge was to create a living space that was contemporary – reflecting the simple beauty in the design of the LG Signature products – yet complementary to the stunning Regency terrace in which it was shown. I imagined how a 21st century person would live in this space, enjoying the classical beauty, yet also surrounding themselves with technology that improves their lives. The unique and stylish structures allow for everything from entertaining, cooking, dining, relaxing and caring for one’s wardrobe.”

Carolyn Anderson, marketing director at LG UK, commented: “The LG Signature range brings together the very best in state-of-the-art home technology from LG. What better way to showcase this than through Patrick Grant’s premium and minimalist interior design. The products represent a new sense of luxury for those that want more from their home technology – a beautifully designed space with beautifully designed products that can refine your life.”