Leema Acoustics announces huge investment that will make for its ‘best ever’ sound

Welshpool-based manufacturer Leema Acoustics is investing heavily in its British-built Fi-Fi for 2020 (and beyond), with the introduction of a highly advanced surface-mount oven (the first of its kind in the UK), which will improve the precision and reliability of the Welsh company’s PCBs, to produce Leema Acoustics’ best-ever quality, the company has announced.

Founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers in 1998, Leema has invested £45,000 into the new machine, which will not only produce superior PCBs, the most fundamental part of its audio devices, but also improve productivity while being kinder to the environment.

The Heller Industries Model 1707 MK5 (pictured) enables the company’s audio engineers be more precise in designing profiles for delicate audio components, leading to a better finish and end-product. The new surface-mount oven also provides a much better-controlled and kinder environment for the sensitive electronics on their journey into fully fledged audio circuit boards.

Leema Acoustics is one of very few truly British Hi-Fi manufacturers and one of even fewer manufacturing their own PCBs in Great Britain, the company claims. In addition, most of the company’s component suppliers are UK-based and all metalwork is either sourced in Wales or neighbouring counties.

Leema Acoustics is committed to the environment and in addition to its recently introduced 100 per cent recyclable packaging, the new surface-mount oven is significantly more efficient, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

All of Leema Acoustics’ product line, from the super-affordable £595 Essentials Phono Stage to the flagship Pyxis preamp and Hydra II Anniversary Edition power amp (£4,995 each), will benefit from the increased precision, reliability and quality, introduced by the new machinery.