Laundry leads the way for Hoover and Candy in new energy ratings

After the new appliance energy legislation came into play on 1 March this year, Haier Group has announced that both its Hoover and Candy brands have achieved the highest possible rating of ‘A’ for their laundry products.

With over 64 washing machine models across both brands, the manufacturing parent company said this latest achievement “further cements” its commitment to high-performance appliances with a focus on waste reduction and sustainability.

All washing machines in Hoover’s H-WASH 500 collection and Candy’s Rapid’Ó models have achieved the top rating, with new ranges due to be launched later this year also set to be top of the class.

Steve Macdonald, Business Director – Freestanding Laundry at Haier UK and RoI, said: “Eco appliances have moved up the consumer agenda in recent times, so we are absolutely delighted that consumers will have a wide choice of appliances to choose from when selecting an energy-efficient washing machine from our two brands.

“Growing concerns have made more than 65 per cent of consumers consider the environmental impact of their appliance before purchasing. When researching washing machines, fridge-freezers or dishwashers, buyers are increasingly motivated by high-performance models. But the former scoring system was a bit unclear, with rankings going as high as A+++, and we know that most people found it difficult to understand the distinctions between these seemingly similar product ratings.

“With A-rated models available from Hoover and Candy there is a product to suit all budgets and requirements – something we are very proud of.”

The new classification system sets out to guide consumers on their purchasing journey, by simplifying the previous labelling of A+++ to D. Appliances now have a much simpler scaling system of A to G.

The revised ratings, which have been adopted by the European Commission and apply throughout the continent, appeared in shops and online from 1 March 2021. They initially apply to TVs and displays, commercial and household fridges and freezers, washing machines, wash-dryers, dishwashers and lighting products.