KitSound aims to bring us together through music

British audio manufacturer KitSound has announced the launch of its ‘Music Brings Us Together’ campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight people’s emotional connections through music.

Filmed in Dorset, the campaign video features the story of a girl named Greta preparing to leave home for university. It shows her experiencing mixed emotions in the build-up to leaving home. Throughout, it shows how Greta’s family share a passion and love for music, which plays a key part in their lives.

The video also features the song ‘Always Come Back Home’, sung by 16-year-old Grace Young-Christie, the daughter of KitSound’s creator Justin Christie.

“The video will be the backdrop to our campaign which celebrates that emotional connection we all have through music and those precious memories we all relive through different songs,” said head of marketing James Murphy. “The emotional connection we all have through music is at the heart of the campaign, and ultimately, how music brings us together.”

As part of the campaign, KitSound will also visit a number of events over the coming months, including Bournemouth University Freshers’ Fair on September 24, where the company will meet students face to face.