JBL CLUB series offers ‘best noise cancellation yet’

JBL has announced the launch of its premium headphone series, JBL CLUB, offering professional sound technology, consumer friendly features, high-end design and the best noise cancellation yet from the brand.

The star of the series is JBL CLUB ONE (pictured top), the company said. The flagship headphone is full of cutting-edge audio technology including graphene drivers and True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology.

The JBL CLUB ONE takes listeners closer to the stage with Legendary JBL Pro Sound delivered through 40mm custom-designed orange graphene drivers for the most accurate sound possible. The incredibly lightweight, highly conductive, and rigid material has been selected for its ability to dramatically reduce distortion and improve precision. The cutting-edge drivers reproduce much tighter and more accurate high frequencies whilst not disappointing with typical JBL low-end performance.

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling is incredibly powerful, taking on the industry leaders by monitoring and adapting to environmental sound up to 50,000 times per second, compensating in real-time for sound leakage that could be caused by hair, glasses or head movement. JBL CLUB ONE offers the most immersive sound experience in any environment.

Completing the line-up is the over-ear active noise cancelling JBL CLUB 950NC (pictured left) and more compact on-ear JBL CLUB 700BT. A standout feature for the entire series is premium design and materials. Highlights include leather headbands, real metal hinges, magnetic replaceable ear cushions, ball-fold design and the finest accessories.

The whole line-up is high-res audio certified and includes Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for the most stable connection and best battery life. The acoustic engineering has been designed on JBL’s industry-leading sound curve that is based on decades of quantitative and qualitative research. Tuned by the best audiologists in the world and verified by top performing touring musicians, JBL CLUB gives listeners sound as close to the way the music was mastered.

In addition to class-leading sound, the JBL CLUB series comes equipped with the intelligence of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant services and Stage+. Once activated through the “My JBL Headphones” app, music lovers can customise their own listening preferences and also select sound profiles from the most legendary DJ’s on the planet.

All three Bluetooth headphones are packaged with a 1.2m audio cable and microphone, the CLUB ONE also includes a 1.5m coiled audio cable, flight adapter and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. The JBL CLUB 700BT offers a premium, protective pouch, while the JBL CLUB 950NC and ONE come with a durable hard case, making all three a perfect travel accessory for any business trip or get-away.