Invision announces new FIBARO training scheme

Following its recent partnership agreement with the masters of smart home automation, FIBARO, Invision has announced that a comprehensive training course for its installers is now available.

The FIBARO intensive training program has been designed to provide skilled professionals with the practical knowledge and expertise required to specify and install their systems. The certified FIBARO system installer training can be completed in one day and each participant will receive a personalised certificate verifying them as a FIBARO system expert. This qualification allows access to the FIBARO Academy portal which supplies advanced training and video materials, as well as sales and technical support during the design and installation of a project.

The one-day course will be held at Invision’s Innovation House in Bracknell, Berkshire. Installers can choose to attend on the 4 or 5 of September or the 23 of October.

Invision will offer their FIBARO installers full customer support and the knowledgeable team will be ready to offer help and advice about the products and how to set them up. Invision’s swift product delivery service will ensure their customers receive FIBARO products precisely when they need them.

Karl Brett, Invision’s security product manager, said: “FIBARO’s training course will really allow our installers to get a full understanding of the product range and where best to specify each device in any project. We have watched the recent growth of FIBARO and are pleased to help them expand in the UK by offering their home automation range to our customers.”