Indesit kick-starts its #DoItTogether campaign aimed at sharing chores at home

Indesit is kicking off its #DoItTogether campaign this month, which continues to focus on the gender imbalance of sharing domestic chores and is designed to encourage families to think about how to share them fairly.

Through a recent study, Indesit explored how modern families approached everyday challenges in the home and the importance of involving children in household chores. Indesit aims to highlight that educating children and getting them involved in the housework is the right way to move forward to combat the gender imbalance.

A key objective of the 2019 #DoItTogether campaign is to help improve gender equality by encouraging parents to set a better example to their children and to help educate them, so improving gender balance, in domestic chores, for the next generation. According to the Indesit study, the main reason for involving children in housework was to make the children feel more responsible, which was closely followed by teaching the children the importance of independence.

Indesit manufactures intuitive, straightforward appliances that allow all members of the family to get great results with minimal effort. Easy-to-use appliances from Indesit include the recently launched Push&Go slimline dishwashers.

To help families create delicious recipes together with ease, Indesit has developed its Turn&Cook app, available on both iOS and Android devices, which features a selection of recipe ideas. The app recognises ingredients and recommends tasty recipes to cook using the Indesit Aria built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX), and is designed to take the stress out of everyday cooking. Users simply have to take a picture of their desired ingredient, turn their smartphone or tablet to the side and explore a selection of recipe ideas.

What’s more, for hassle-free clothes washing, the Indesit Innex freestanding washing machine (BWE 101684X W UK) benefits from the clever Push&Wash function – resulting in stain removal in just 45 minutes.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit, said: “We conducted a survey to learn more about family life, how chores are delegated and why parents chose to involve their children in the housework. Parenting is vitally important to the equality story, as many of today’s gender roles are learnt when we are children. Parents are the role model for their children, who learn about sharing, respect and responsibility from what they see and experience in the home.

“At Indesit, we are committed to designing easy-to-use, family-friendly appliances that are accessible to all users, ensuring that domestic tasks don’t require any special knowledge, meaning sharing chores is made even simpler.”