IFA 2018: Panasonic earns its crust with new bread maker

Panasonic has unveiled its first hard crust bread maker.

Designed for European consumers, the appliance, which is on show at IFA in Berlin, (August 31 to September 5) can be used to create a wide range of food, including a variety of hard-crust breads, as well as cakes, jam and pizza dough.

Equipped with 18 programs, the Croustina ZP2000 will be available from October this year, in a black or white colourway. Panasonic says the product is able to replicate the kneading techniques of artisan bakers. To avoid any baking mishaps, the machine uses information from two sensors to select the optimum program to rise and rest the dough in any environment.

One sensor measures the internal temperature of the bread maker, while a second sensor gauges the ambient room temperature. Unlike traditional bread makers that feature a bottom-only heater, the ZP2000 mimics a traditional baker’s oven with a newly optimised heating structure. A reflective inner lid and central heater surrounding the ceramic pan work together to ensure a stable baking temperature for a consistently crispy and authentic crust.