Hughes donates tumble dryer to RSPCA in Suffolk

East Anglia electrical retailer, Hughes Electrical, has donated a Hoover tumble dryer to a Suffolk charity.

The Felixstowe branch of Hughes gave the appliance to the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich branch in Martlesham Heath, which has been in operation since 1962.

Said Zoe Barrett, Animal Centre Manager: “When our previous tumble dryer broke, we had a budget to buy a replacement and so approached Hughes to see what sort of a deal they could offer.

“That very same day they came back and said we could have a brand-new machine at no cost!

“The tumble dryer is a vital part of our operation as it is needed in the unit which houses nearly 50 cats. It is used to make sure that all have clean dry bedding which, with the winter months coming, is even more important.”

Daryl Peck, Manager of the Hughes branch on Hamilton Road: “While Zoe did have a budget having dealt with her before I knew already what a superb job, she, and the rest of the team do at Martlesham Heath.

“So, I approached senior management and with the help of Hoover was able to secure a brand-new machine very quickly which has now been installed and I know is already being put to very good use.”