Hotpoint launches TV ad campaign

Hotpoint is running a national television advertising campaign to build awareness of its ActiveCare range of laundry appliances. The first advertisement made its debut on 13 May and is running across all major TV channels, including ITV and Channel 4, until 31 May.

The campaign aims to support retailers to increase footfall in store. The advertisement captures the heart of the consumer and demonstrates that Hotpoint laundry appliances care for the things that matter most to them. The advertisement follows the story of a teddy bear that goes on an adventure and gets covered in stains along the way. The bear is then laundered in an ActiveCare washing machine, which removes the stains so that the teddy can be returned to the owner and played with once more.

The advertisement not only demonstrates the ability and reliable results of the ActiveCare washing machine, but it also highlights the emotional aspect behind supporting the consumer to take care of the people and the items they hold dearest.

The TV advertisement is part of a wider campaign to educate consumers on effective stain removal. Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machines are able to remove more than 100 stains at just 20 degrees.

Hotpoint is also running a cashback promotion and giving away a free teddy bear, as seen in the TV advertisement, when consumers purchase a selected Hotpoint ActiveCare laundry appliance.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, said: “Our campaign presents a universal story that aligns the Hotpoint brand with our consumers’ desire to care for and preserve what matters most to them. The concept of care has a powerful resonance for Hotpoint. Our products are specially designed to make the lives and experiences of our consumers more enjoyable, and to help them achieve their most perfect, desired results.

“We hope that the national TV campaign will support retailers and generate an increase in footfall in store. To further support our trade partners, we have prepared various point of sale material that highlights our key messages.”

You can view the advertisement here.