Hotpoint launches laundry promotion with Ariel

Hotpoint has partnered with Procter & Gamble to offer consumers a free, six-month supply of either Ariel Washing Liquid, or 3in1 PODs, which applies to purchases of selected models made from 1 June to 31 August 2019.

The promotion applies to particular Hotpoint washer dryers and retailers have access to a raft of point of sale material to alert and engage consumers. Both in-store POS and digital assets are available via the retailer’s Hotpoint Account Manager.

The Hotpoint Ultima S-Line washer dryer (RD 1076 JD UK), which is included in the promotion, has a striking black glass door that creates an ultra-modern appearance, while the list of wash programmes is neatly displayed inside the detergent drawer, giving the front and fascia of the appliance a sleek and streamlined finish.

Stain removal is of the utmost importance to consumers and together, Hotpoint and Ariel can help provide outstanding cleaning results while keeping colours and fabrics safe.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, said: “Laundry appliances from Hotpoint are designed with the latest innovations and intelligent technology. This offers users outstanding cleaning performance, whilst Ariel laundry detergent combines ingredients that provide excellent cleaning results. Having a reliable laundry appliance and detergent can help consumers to reduce washing temperatures, decreasing both energy consumption and running costs.”