Hotpoint launches laundry promotion with Ariel and Lenor

Consumers can enjoy a six-month free supply of Ariel PODS, as well as a Lenor scent boosting bundle, with the purchase of selected Hotpoint laundry appliances.

The manufacturer’s promotion is live now and applies to purchases on selected washing machines and tumble dryers in the Hotpoint ActiveCare laundry range – up until 31 July 2021, It is available.

Hotpoint said that together with Ariel and Lenor the promotion provides consumers with “the ultimate laundry package”.

Retailers have access to digital assets, available via their Hotpoint account manager, to alert consumers to the promotion.

Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machines take care of clothes by removing more than 100 stains at just 20 degrees. Furthermore, ActiveCare tumble dryer technology is a combination of two innovations, Anti-Stress Movements and Perfect Temperature Control, which together prevent clothes from wearing out by up to 40 per cent. These clever technologies, in combination with the Ariel and Lenor promotional products, ensure laundry is protected, cleaned and invigorated.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “ActiveCare washing machines from Hotpoint are designed to offer best-in-class stain removal, while Ariel PODS combine ingredients that provide excellent cleaning results. Having a reliable appliance and detergent can help consumers to reduce washing temperatures, helping them improve their household’s energy efficiency.

“The Lenor scent boosting bundle is an added luxury that we know our consumers will enjoy. We hope this laundry promotion will encourage footfall for our valued retail partners.”