Hotpoint launches dishwasher promotion with Fairy

As part of Hotpoint’s partnership with Procter & Gamble, consumers can claim a free six-month supply of Fairy Platinum Plus dishwasher capsules, with the purchase of a selected Hotpoint dishwasher.

The promotion is live and applies to purchases made until 30 September 2019. Both freestanding and built-in dishwashers are included in the promotion, as well as both full-size and slimline models, to suit all consumers and a variety of installations.

Retailers have access to a raft of point of sale material, available via their Hotpoint account manager, to alert consumers to the promotion, including in-store POS and digital assets. In addition, a Fairy TV advertisement showcasing the Platinum Plus dishwasher capsules will run at the same time as the promotion, highlighting the partnership to consumers as Hotpoint recommends the capsules.

Both the freestanding and (HSFO 3T223 W X UK) and built-in (HSIO 3T223 WCE UK) Hotpoint slimline dishwashers with 3D Zone Wash technology are included in the promotion. 3D Zone Wash technology is the combined action of three additional spray components, together with Hotpoint’s variable speed inverter motor, which ensures ground-breaking cleaning performance. The power of 3D Zone Wash technology, alongside Fairy Platinum Plus capsules, can tackle the most stubborn and baked-on food, leaving kitchenware gleaming and eliminating the chore of pre-scrubbing dishes by hand.

Catherine Balderson, Senior Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “This promotion aims to raise awareness of how Hotpoint and Fairy can together clean the toughest food stains, getting dishes sparklingly clean. Secondly, our aim is to increase dishwasher ownership in the UK, as it currently lags behind other countries in Europe. We hope that the promotion will enlighten consumers on the exceptional cleaning power and resource efficiency offered by Hotpoint dishwashers, and encourage them to consider purchasing or even trade up.”