Hotpoint helps consumers understand appliance efficiency

Hotpoint is helping consumers to understand the financial benefit of investing in efficient appliances.

The appliance manufacturer has partnered with Youreko – which offers an energy savings tool, now installed on the Hotpoint website, designed to help consumers understand the real financial benefit of purchasing an energy efficient appliance.

An example of the Youreko website.

The tool rates products according to their running costs and demonstrates an appliance’s lifetime energy financial savings.

This makes it easy for consumers to compare the energy savings of different products. A button is shown for each product which displays the rating Youreko has given an appliance, as well as the amount of money a consumer can save on their energy bills by purchasing that particular appliance, when compared to the least efficient like-for-like product in the market.

While initial savings are based on the national average, clicking on the button allows consumers to personalise their usage and electricity costs, which displays energy savings tailored to their personal circumstances.

Recommendations are also made in the tool when similar products are found that are less expensive to run. This is done by comparing the prices and lifetime running costs of all products on the website, to identify alternatives that will save money. For example, an alternative similar product may be available at the same price or for an extra £10, which will save the consumer over £150 in energy costs.

Hotpoint’s freestanding ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer (NT M11 92XBY UK) was given a gold rating by Youreko for energy savings and it predicted this appliance can save the user £2,959 in energy costs over its lifetime.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “Hotpoint is committed to creating appliances that ensure efficient resource consumption, reducing running costs and helping consumers to care for what matters most to them.

“Consumers appreciate that the resource efficiency of an appliance affects their monthly outgoings and the cost of running their household. As a result, good energy ratings are increasingly becoming a top priority when purchasing a new appliance. Hotpoint is dedicated to meeting the needs of its consumers and Youreko is an excellent tool that helps consumers to make an informed decision when purchasing a new appliance.”

Youreko’s Founder, Patrick Verdon, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Hotpoint to help people make better energy choices. When a sustainable purchase leads to a clear financial benefit in energy savings, it’s a win-win situation for the customer and the environment.”