Hisense teams up with Love Food Hate Waste campaign to help reduce food wastage

Hisense is working with WRAP (a not for profit organisation) and its Love Food Hate Waste campaign to drive awareness of consumer food storage and preparation, in a bid to help educate customers about reducing avoidable waste.

In 2019, the Chinese manufacturer expanded its appliances portfolio to include a full range of cooking products, on top of its existing refrigeration range.

With multi-door and more recently side-by-side models, the signature PureFlat refrigeration range has played host to a range of features that help customers keep food fresher for longer. From Triple Zone Cooling, a flexible storage option which adapts to offer an extension to either fridge or freezer compartments as required, to Invertor Compressor Technology, which regulates and maintains consistent temperatures and air flow.

The Invertor Compressor Technology has allowed Hisense to take traditional ‘frost free’ one step further with its Total No Frost technology – regulated and even air flow guarantees that food stays in optimum condition for longer.

This partnership will see Hisense launch recipes to use up food leftovers, as well as supporting Love Food Hate Waste with an upcoming campaign addressing food waste post-lockdown.

Helen White, a spokesperson for Love Food Hate Waste and Special Advisor on Household Food Waste at WRAP, commented: “In the UK, 70 per cent of the food we waste comes from our homes. This means each of us has the opportunity every day to make a difference, and managing your fridge and freezer better is a great place to start.

“Something as simple as keeping your fridge at zero to five degrees (instead of seven, which is the average in UK homes) can extend the shelf life of your fresh food by up to three days!

“We’re thrilled to be working with Hisense to make sure that food waste prevention is at the top of everyone’s agenda.”

Arun Bhatoye, Senior Marketing Manager at Hisense, added: “There’s no excuse for food waste. Shopping considerately is a key step for us all to take, but we want to make it easier on everyone. By introducing appliances that help us keep our food at its optimum for longer, we’re doing all we can to help our customers on this journey.

“Our support of Love Food Hate Waste is the perfect opportunity to show how our innovations go the extra mile.”