Hisense celebrates sales uplift following EURO 2020

Hisense has reported of significant sales uplifts following its sponsorship of EURO 2020.

The electronics manufacturer was an Official Sponsor of the tournament and continuous dedication in sports marketing has successfully boosted business and led to better sales, said senior bosses.

“If the sponsorship of EURO 2016 showed our preliminary global presence, EURO 2020 must be the commencement of Hisense’s various brands and products’ globalisation,” said Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group Holdings Co.

This year the company focused promotional and marketing activity on product sales. Between January and June 2021 and as a direct impact of the sponsorship, sales of Hisense’s flagship Laser TV portfolio increased 10 times year-on-year – with messaging highlighting the large screen, Ultra-HD picture quality and impressive sound.

For the duration of this year’s tournament, Hisense launched a range of marketing campaigns in Europe to maximise the sponsorship benefit: from showcasing its exclusive brand exposure at Festival Towers in six tournament countries; launching a ‘Trophy Tour’ to engage with customers; to driving traffic through Twitter giveaway campaigns and promoting Hisense’s products to e-commerce.

And next year will see Hisense continue its dedication to sports marketing, as the brand is one of the official sponsors of UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and FIFA World Cup.

By 2020, Hisense’s owned brand revenue accounted for 78 per cent of international marketing revenue.

Worldwide, the company has built 16 R&D centres and 17 production bases, established 54 companies and offices, expanding global sales and industrial layout since the initial phase of globalisation strategy. Furthermore, through charity and sports marketing, Hisense is quickly building trust and esteem from customers and retailers alike.

Continued Mr Shaoqian: “After 30 years, Hisense is a successful multinational enterprise and a reputable international brand. To become a globalised enterprise, comprehensive internationalisation of product development, manufacturing, branding and marketing are key tactics.”

He said he believes that the foundation of technological innovation is the concentration and development of talents. Hisense has employed many advanced global talents in chip design, A.I and other areas to enhance technology and quality.