Headroom returns for second year

London’s headroom show will return for a second event following its success last year, and will run from January 29-30 at Metropolis Studios, Chiswick.

Brands including Sennheiser, Shure, Audiolab and Quad will demonstrate at the show, offering the opportunity to try out the largest range of headphones in the UK.

It will see launches from leading manufacturers. Sennheiser will show its HD 800 S reference-level headphone, Audiolab its M-DAC+, Shure its KSE 1500 isolating electrostatic earphone, the Questyle QP1R high-res portable music player, the Quad VA-One headphone amp, Arcam its MusicBoost headphone amp/DAC for iPhone and the Fostex HP-A4 BL DAC/headphone amp.

headroom collection
headroom collection

Metropolis chief executive, Ian Brenchley said: “We love hosting headroom here at Metropolis. Not only do we, as members of the music industry, get excited about seeing all the latest innovations unveiled inside the studio, we love inviting audiophiles in from all over the world to see and sample the brilliant range of gear on offer at the show. It’s a rare opportunity for them to get a glimpse inside Metropolis, where an average of 50 per cent of the UK’s Top 40 is serviced, and for enthusiasts to get together in a relaxed environment and share their passion. We’re really looking forward to the show.”