Haier partners with AMDEA for Register My Appliance Week

Haier is one of over 50 brands that has partnered with the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) for Register My Appliance Week as part of its safer home campaign.

Consumers can register any Haier, Hoover or Candy product purchased in the last 12 years. By registering the appliance online, users can be contacted in the event a product has been recalled or been noted as faulty and arrange for a return or repair. Registering can also save money by entitling product owners to an extended warranty or guarantee period.

This campaign will help to raise awareness of the importance of safety in the home.

As the country returns to the ‘new normal’, during Register My Appliance Week – which takes place this week (26 – 30 April), the domestic appliance industry is reminding households to look around their homes and register the more than 100 million older appliances that helped sustain and often entertain them through lockdown.

Yet recent Government research has revealed that 49 per cent of people never registered their products. By safely registering appliances throughout the home, consumers can be the first to know of any safety repairs or recalls and it will improve their after-sales service by being kept updated with upgrade news. They could also receive suggestions to better use and protect their appliance.

To register any appliance, you need to note down a few simple items:

  • Brand
  • Model name
  • Serial number
  • Purchase date

AMDEA is the UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances, representing over 80 per cent of the domestic appliance industry as a whole and closer to 95 per cent of the market leaders in large white goods.