Haier Europe launches two new washing programmes in bid to fight COVID-19

Haier Europe has created two washing cycles to sanitise and clean PPE.

Available to download now on Hoover and Candy’s latest smart laundry models – AXI, H-WASH, Smart Pro, Rapid’Ó and Bianca, the two programmes, called ‘Mask Sanitisation’ (lasting about 110 minutes at 60 degrees) and ‘Mask Refresh’ (45 minutes at 40 degrees), have been designed specifically for the sanitisation and washing of fabric PPE.

They automatically set the right temperature, time and intensity of the wash, as well as indicating the correct dose of detergent to be used and the load capacity.

Results of the two cycles, guaranteed by studies conducted in the Haier Europe laboratories in collaboration with international associations, allow real benefits in terms of safety and waste reduction. The programmes also aim to assist the environment by preventing the disposal of non-reusable PPE, which has a strong impact on waste management and public health.

“Hoover aims to provide consumers with products and solutions to achieve personal and family well-being through a healthy lifestyle and environment,” said Atena Manca, Brand Manager at Hoover.

“With these two new programmes, we offer our consumers an ideal tool to combine safety and daily attention to hygiene with protection and respect for the environment, reducing waste and consumption of non-recyclable material.”

Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, Marketing Director, IoT – Smart Solutions at Haier Europe, added: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have observed and analysed changes in consumer behaviour and changing consumer needs towards household appliances and their use.

“Through the digital platforms on which our smart products rely, we have the possibility to innovate and introduce new functions very quickly.”

Always attentive to hygiene and sustainability issues, the Hoover brand has paid particular attention in recent months to the cleaning and sanitation of the home environment, with the launch of digital campaigns, advice and additional functions dedicated to the hygiene of environments, surfaces and clothing.