Exclusive virtual showroom tour offer for KBBG members

The KBBG & Virtual 360 Tours Glos – this dollhouse view is the TwoGuys showroom in Basingstoke.

The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG), part of DER KREIS, one of Europe’s largest and most established kitchen and bathroom buying groups, has partnered with Virtual 360 Tours Glos.

The partnership enables KBBG members to create a virtual tour of their showroom at a special discounted price. Virtual tours are an increasingly important tool as we continue to live and work in different ways as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual 360 Tours Glos will help retailers capture their showroom from all angles and create an easy-to-navigate tour. Customers will be able to explore what is on offer, safely and remotely, should they be unable to physically visit the showroom. Tours can also be integrated with social media channels and Google Earth to reach more consumers and enhance sales prospects.

KBBG members can benefit from an exclusive offer on the various services from Virtual 360 Tours Glos, generating additional support during these exceptional times.

Bill Miller, Managing Director, KBBG, said: “We constantly seek opportunities to support our members in any way we can. With everybody adjusting to the ‘new normal’ we want to help our members adapt their businesses, including the new shopping habits of consumers.”

The KBBG previously announced ‘Back to Work’ support for members in the shape of COVID-19 preventative measures to be used in-store, such as protective screens and hand sanitisers. KBBG’s latest partnership with Virtual 360 Tours Glos supports the idea that more and more consumers are beginning their shopping journey online. Virtual tours enable retailers to build a stronger online presence, and to ensure that sales are still possible even when the desire to visit a physical showroom is low.

Mr Miller added: “According to Virtual 360 Tours Glos, on average, people will spend between six to eight times longer engaging on a website’s landing page when a tour is included. We therefore encourage our members to consider a virtual tour and take advantage of this exciting offer that is exclusive to the KBBG.”