Euronics takes on Ferguson 4K TV range

Combined Independents Holdings is making certain models of Ferguson 4K UHD televisions available to agents of the Euronics buying group.

The range of 4K televisions comprises three screen sizes – 50in, 55in and the top-of-the-range 65in model. Each model benefits from an integrated soundbar. All three TVs can directly access the Android smart platform, allowing users to watch an array of catch-up and streaming apps through the device.

The Ferguson TVs are available in a brushed black finish and include three HDMI ports, allowing the connection of external devices such as a games console, DVD player or laptop.

CIH brown goods buyer Paul Holt said: “At Euronics, we have found that some customers struggle with the basic sound projection from their current televisions. We have introduced a range of UK-made Ferguson televisions and make life simple with the benefit of an integrated soundbar that offers outstanding, cinema-style sound quality to mirror the impressive 4K resolution.”

The Ferguson brand was relaunched in October last year by British TV manufacturer Cello.