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Editor’s comment: Nobody knows what ‘normal’ means anymore!

Welcome to another jam-packed issue of ERT! I say jam-packed because finally, at long last, the electrical retail industry is opening up even more and we’re seeing the return of popular events and there are new product launches all over the place right now!

It’s great to see. And it’s a really positive sign of things to come. I mentioned events, and the Exclusively Show returned to London last month with attendees filling the aisles once again. Read ERT’s review on page 8 this month.

The success of the show exceeded expectations, organisers said, with visitor numbers up on the 2019 event as many people saw the event as one of the first opportunities to get back together after the pandemic.

Exhibitors also expressed great feelings about their involvement this year, saying the show was “a much-needed return to business normality” for everyone, while others said those who did not attend this year certainly missed out, and that 2022 should not be missed!

This is brilliant feedback, and hopefully a clear indication that the market is getting back on track. Elsewhere, another event making its return is the Sirius Buying Group VIP Members Trade Show, which will take place this month. There’s a special preview article on pages 12-13.

The Mitchell & Brown interview

Like most companies, the Buying Group has held virtual events so far during the pandemic, but the team told ERT they are really looking forward to members getting back together again. Sirius MD, Steve Jones, said he is delighted that doors will open for the physical Trade Show with the full support of everyone.

Like you I’m sure, I am thrilled to see the industry finally getting back to… ‘normal’… but nobody knows what that means anymore! It has been such a long time since anything was normal for any of us, and let’s hope things continue on this upward trend as we head into Autumn and Winter and into the famous “golden quarter”, the busiest and most lucrative time in electrical retail.

The Swan interview

Also in this month’s issue, there isn’t just one, but two ERT Interviews! The first with Mitchell & Brown – from page 18 – talking all about the company’s unique place in the TV market and working closely with independent retailers up and down the country.

I also spoke to David Foulstone from Swan to hear about the brand’s huge following on social media and how it’s using this as a platform to increase sales as well as general brand awareness… in what is a very crowded sector these days. Turn to page 22.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Jack Cheeseman – Editor –

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