EPE plans move into major appliances

Small domestic appliance distributor EPE Group has revealed it plans to supply MDAs to its customers.

The moves is part of growth plans for the Bradford-based distributor.

EPE finance and operations director Harry Singh said: “I am delighted with the progress made by EPE since its formation in 2003. Moving into the major domestic appliance market gives the company another area of the industry to target.

“Despite economic uncertainty in 2016, there was continued market improvement and we anticipate a similar pattern of growth to continue in 2017. The recession is now a distant memory to consumers, many of whom have seen an increase in disposable income, and retailers and manufacturers should now be feeling the benefits.”

He went on to say that recent improvement in the housing market had seen confidence spread to the contracts market, with strong demand for new housing anticipated in 2017.

Mr Singh added: “Following the political occurrences of 2016, consumer confidence has been shaken. However, despite a significant decrease in the index, consumers remained resilient on spending.

“Homeowners are still willing to refurbish and renovate their homes and indulge in appliances that not only tick all of the boxes, but also exceed consumer expectations. The recession spawned a smarter and savvier consumer, expecting more for their money – quality, well-made and multifunctional products from brands that offer unrivalled customer service and go that extra mile.

“I look forward to talking to major domestic appliance brands that are interested in working with a distributor that continues to supply a wide range of retailers from nationals and multiples to department stores and independents.”