Enjoy Cooking Success Every Time With A NEFF Oven And The Recipes Of ckbk

Cooking enthusiasts can enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of their
home thanks to an exciting new partnership between home appliance manufacturer NEFF and innovative startup ckbk.

The ckbk platform is now integrated with NEFF Home Connect, the ever-expanding connected home platform that allows users to manage NEFF appliances via the Home Connect app and voice control, and connects the kitchen with the rest of the smart home. This offers several innovative benefits to customers with a NEFF N 90 oven.

Firstly, by selecting a Home Connect enabled recipe on the ckbk app, users can send the right temperature, time and cooking method directly to their NEFF oven from the recipe, cooking the dish to perfection. There are currently over 2000 Home Connect integrated recipes on ckbk, with this number set to grow and grow.

Secondly, with a staggering 85,000 recipes at their fingertips, NEFF foodies no longer have to rifle through shelves of cookbooks to find inspiration for dinner. A quick search of the extensive ckbk database reveals recipes from world-class chefs renowned for their culinary prowess. Users are invited to tickle their taste buds with delights from  contemporary authors such as Molly Yeh and David Tanis, enjoy fine dining at home with Michelin star chefs including Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse and soak up the wisdom of award-winning culinary authorities: Marcella Hazan, Ken Hom, Keith Floyd, plus many more.

As the go-to destination for food lovers, the ckbk platform also offers access to the legendary culinary bibles of Escoffier, On Food & Cooking and the Oxford Companion to Food. And the truly curious can even step back in time to explore out-of-print recipe books from the 19th century.

Another benefit is that the ckbk app helps foodies to fully utilise the various cooking functions featured on the N 90 oven series. In a specially curated collection of recipes, the user can select a mode from their oven and be presented with a list of tried-and-tested recipes that suit that mode. For example, choose the CircoTherm function and view a selection of dishes that benefit from hot air cooking, and that can successfully be cooked alongside each other without transfer of flavour.

Team this technology with a NEFF oven that features the iconic Slide&Hide door and
Cookaholics now have all the tools at their fingertips to create culinary masterpieces for
friends and family.

To mark the start of this new partnership, NEFF is offering a three-month ckbk trial for
customers who purchase a WiFi-enabled N 90 NEFF oven. This complimentary subscription is extended for another three months after the oven is synced with the Home Connect app.

Commenting on the new partnership, Peter Wadsworth, Innovations & Connected Home
Manager for NEFF, said: “As the leading oven brand in the UK, NEFF is proud to be the first to offer a solution allowing premium cookbook recipes from famous names to be fully integrated into the connected kitchen.

“Following on from our launch of WiFi-enabled NEFF appliances in 2019, this partnership
takes the connected kitchen one step further. Working with ckbk means our customers not only have top-quality appliances, but they now also have thousands of recipes at their
fingertips to help them benefit from the many cooking features our ovens have to offer.”

ckbk co-founder Matthew Cockerill added: “When building ckbk we wanted to ensure that food lovers would have easy access to the best recipes from top chefs. Most of us would love to cook more adventurously, if only we had the confidence. By linking ckbk’s trusted
cookbook recipes to NEFF’s connected ovens, this partnership helps every cook, whether a beginner or a pro, to achieve their full potential and to get the most from their new