EI Live! 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus

This year’s Essential Install (EI) Live! exhibition has been postponed until 19 – 20 October 2020.

In a statement, David Kitchener, Organiser and Co-Founder, said “events are overtaking us” with the latest government statements around the virus and the banning of larger events.

“As you will imagine I have resembled a sponge of late,” he said, “absorbing everything I can about the Coronavirus and I firmly believe that as a responsible event organiser it is best to postpone EI Live! 2020, with 17 – 18 October as build-up days before the Show days on 19 – 20 October.

“Whilst I have been advocating that the exhibition should continue in April, I have also been working behind the scenes to put a plan B in place, hence the dates above with Farnborough.

“It is our responsibility to provide the footfall worthy of a national CI show. Our visitor pre-registrations are actually up on last year, but I would question if we could provide the footfall due to Coronavirus with visitors not turning up on the show days.

“The good news is that moving the show to October this year, gives us more time to increase the size and footprint of EI Live! even further, it gives us more time to put more visitor attractions in place and also increase the visitor offering across the show.”

In the meantime, the organisers have launched spin-off “AV Tech Talks” with the presentations that were taking place in the EI Live! Technical Theatre, to be released on video with all the tech talk speakers and the original content to be presented in April. This will be a whole new series that will continue on as a brand in its own right under the banner of EI Live!

In addition, the Smart Building Awards, that traditionally take place on the first evening of the show, has also been postponed to 19 October.