CU becomes sole distributor for Chord Mojo

Computers Unlimited (CU) has become the sole UK distributor of the Chord Mojo portable headphone amp and DAC.

CU will also work with Chord to develop packaging, marketing, p-o-s and promotional opportunities for the Mojo.

Chord Electronics sales manager Colin Pratt said: “This a great deal for us and our trade partners. CU are specialists at driving demand, so we expect to see more people than ever wanting to experience the magic of Mojo. The agreement also frees us up to spend more time developing our award-winning DAC line.”

CU business manager Richard Chatley added: “We’re confident that demand for Mojo will grow and grow. It’s an amazing product that deserves to be appreciated by a wider audience, which is what we’ll work to attract.”

The Chord Mojo is a portable, battery-powered DAC (digital to analogue converter) and headphone amplifier.

The new agreement is effectively immediately and all Mojo orders from UK retailers will need to be placed with CU.