Consumers urged to keep their kitchens safe during Register My Appliance Week

The domestic appliance industry is urging consumers to register their home appliances during the Register My Appliance Week, which takes place this week (26 – 30 April).

Recent Government research has revealed 49 per cent of people never registered their products, and domestic appliances total over 210 million. In addition, more than 100 million of these are said to be “older” appliances.

Consumers are being reminded to visit, where they can quickly and easily log their home appliance details for nearly 60 brands. With most makes welcoming products up to 12 years old, it’s a simple task to also register older previously forgotten machines to ensure all home appliances can be located if a safety repair is ever needed.

Research also carried out by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) found that the vast majority (83 per cent) of respondents nationwide, in both rental and owned properties, did not know or did not think they could register an older appliance in use in their homes, that they had not purchased themselves. This included equipment they found in their homes when they moved in, bought second-hand, or inherited from family or friends.

The Register My Appliance web portal was designed by AMDEA to make it quicker and easier for the public to register both new and older appliances. By simply clicking on the brand logo the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer, where the vast majority accept registrations of products up to 12 years old.

Paul Hide, Chief Executive of AMDEA, said he hopes that as many continue to work from home, proximity to our appliances will make it easier to take this sensible precaution.

“Whilst recalls on appliances are very rare and can normally be remedied with a free in-home repair,” he said, “the key is to engage quickly with the owners of potentially affected models, to make the arrangements. Few people seem to realise that they can and should register older models.

“At a time when we are uniquely close to our kitchens, with our phones and tablets to hand, it is sensible to take this simple safety measure, to ensure manufacturers can get in touch.”

Register My Appliance is supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, along with most safety and consumer groups.