CIH Supports Members To Re-Open In Line With The Government’s Recovery Plan

Following the Government’s recovery plan1 announcement last week, Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH), part of Euronics, Europe’s largest electrical buying organisation, has announced extensive support for its members to help them re-open in compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidelines from 15th June 2020.


“Step 2 of the Government’s published recovery plan sets out the requirements for non-essential retail businesses to re-open for business from 15th June 2020,” comments CIH’s Chief Executive, Stuart Cook. “We have taken significant steps to help CIH members take advantage of the opportunity to be back up and running as quickly, and as safely, as possible. This involves supplying the necessary PPE equipment together with the practical information, advice and additional services that retailers need to be operational and COVID-19 Secure for the benefit of their customers. This offering also allows members to safeguard the health and welfare of their own employees.”


CIH is delivering one FREE OF CHARGE starter PPE kit to every store, containing face masks, gloves and floor tape alongside additional protective face shields manufactured by LG. Special BSH hand sanitiser units can be ordered and supplied according to member’s needs. 


As part of a full suite of CIH COVID-19 marketing collateral, door and window posters have been provided for retailers to communicate the key in-store health and safety measures to customers. All members also have access to resources and information on a range of topics, covering, for example, the Government’s recovery plan, Retra’s support services, advice on safe working practices and suitable Sneezeguard protection equipment for retail installation.


Additional benefits include the re-opening of the CIH Virtual Showcase on 15th June 2020 to enable retailers to plan July deliveries, the negotiation of a special eBay rate for all CIH members using the platform for transactions and a new partnership opportunity to provide White Goods to Credit Union customers. 


CIH is also continuing to work with Government bodies, suppliers, credit insurance providers and Euronics International for the long term good of its members and their local communities in these difficult times. More information on Euronics is available at