CIH launches exclusive new warranty scheme for members

CIH has introduced an extended warranty scheme – called Smartcare – created in partnership with RetraCare, to offer better value and a range of unique benefits to its members. 

“We’ve worked very closely with RetraCare to develop this superb scheme that’s exclusive to CIH members,” said Steve Scogings, CIH Chairman. “We’ve increased the scope of the warranty to make it more relevant and valuable to members as well as creating different bands that will broaden its appeal to the consumer. Smartcare offers great advantages to CIH members that sets them apart from other retailers and it will be a big benefit in delivering more margin back to the shop floor.”

Smartcare brings a package to CIH members who will be able to offer warranties on the vast majority of products they sell in either a Silver or Gold Protection Plan. All members who can service products will be able to repair their customers’ products if they meet Smartcare’s service partner criteria or are already a RetraCare registered service company.

Switching to Smartcare is simple. Members who have sold RetraCare warranties in the past will access a portal and claims process that mirrors the existing RetraCare mechanism for familiarity and ease of use.

Smartcare Launch Packs are available to all members on the Euronics B2B website.