CIH boss resigns

Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH), part of Euronics, has announced that its CEO, Guy Kinnell, has resigned.

He joined the buying group as Deputy CEO in September 2020. But Steve Scogings, Chairman of CIH, today (2 December) reported that Mr Kinnell has decided to “pursue a different path”.

Mr Kinnell (left), previously from Samsung Electronics, where he was Vice President of the TVAV division for the UK and Ireland, was working closely with former CEO of the group, Stuart Cook, who retired officially in April this year, before moving into the role of full Chief Executive.

In a statement, Mr Scogings (right) said: “Guy has brought a wealth of experience to the company and has helped structure our future digital experience and marketing which will help the company for many years to come. He has helped us to manage the many industry challenges both the company and the membership have experienced over his tenure and for this I am extremely grateful.

“His progressive leadership, knowledge and experience is an asset to any company, and I am only sorry that Guy is not continuing his journey with us.”

Mr Scogings added: “I would like to wish him well for the future and I hope he will look fondly upon his time at CIH.”

The buying group will now begin searching for a new CEO, hoping to find a suitable replacement “as soon as we can”, Mr Scogings said. In the meantime, he will continue to manage the business with the help of the board of directors.

This isn’t the only major personnel change recently; in October CIH appointed Paul Goldsmith to the position of Head of Marketing. He moved from Walmart Canada where he worked for nearly five years as Senior Director of Marketing and Design Services.

Mr Goldsmith spoke of his “exciting and unique” opportunity, adding that Euronics retailers are the heart and soul of many local communities across the UK and Ireland.