CIH advertises during Six Nations rugby

Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH) invested in advertising during two Six Nations rugby matches, which took place on 23 and 24 February 2019.

Broadcast on BBC One to 8.9 million viewers, the Wales vs England Six Nations rugby match featured eight, 30-second segments of Euronics advertising on three sides of the rugby pitch. The new Euronics logo took centre stage of the advertising, followed by the Euronics website URL.

CIH also invested in six, 30-second advertisements during the Italy vs Ireland Six Nations rugby match, which was broadcast on ITV to six million viewers.

Robert Blair, Head of Marketing and eCommerce, CIH said: “We hope the advertising will increase footfall for our members and agents, and raise awareness of Euronics and our retailers’ stores, as well as our new ecommerce website.

“To further increase the exposure of Euronics, we will be advertising during the upcoming Wales vs Ireland Six Nations rugby match on 16 March 2019. Six, 30-second Euronics advertisements will feature in both halves of the match, which is expected to receive a television audience upwards of 12 million when broadcast on BBC One. 

“National advertising is just one of the benefits of being a Euronics agent and we will continue to support our members with a variety of advertising throughout the year.”