Chord goes next-generation at CES


Chord Electronics has introduced a range of new products at this year’s CES.

It unveiled its new Poly – a “revolutionary” network module that docks with its Mojo DAC to provide high-res wireless streaming and network music playback to Mojo.

Poly is based on a condensed high-level PC, with data server, DLNA receiver and wi-fi hub. It has a Bluetooth module and SD card functionality, as well as highly sophisticated software. It can be controlled from a smartphone. Retail price is around £499.

The new Blu MkII (pictured top) upscaling CD transport features the latest FPGA technology to implement advanced proprietary filtering and upscaling techniques to improve CD sound quality. It will replace the company’s original Blu.

Chord Hugo 2
Chord Hugo 2

It boasts 1,015,808 ‘taps’ [tap-length filters used to reconstruct the analogue signal], compared with 164,000 taps on its DAVE DAC. Price is around £7,995 and it is designed to used with DAVE, with a special rack available to mount them both.

Chord has also unveiled its next-generation portable DAC – Hugo 2 – which features all-new casework, as well as the latest proprietary FPGA technology to give “cutting –edge technical and sonic performance”. Price is around £1,800.