CES 2021: TCL announces new line of Google TVs plus latest Mini-LED technology

TCL is to roll out a series of Google TVs this year.

TCL Google TVs (above) will combine the manufacturer’s display technologies, such as Mini-LED, 8K and QLED, with Google’s entertainment offerings, to provide users with more of the content they love in “stunning definition” on the latest TCL screens, more easily than ever before, it said.

The new televisions will bring together movies, shows, live TV and more from a variety of apps and subscriptions; it also offers personalised recommendations so TCL users can discover new things to watch. You can even ask Google to find movies and shows, answer questions and control smart home devices with voice on TCL’s big screens.

TCL announced at CES that consumers in the United States will receive these new TVs first, with other parts of the world following on after.

“The introduction of TCL Google TVs will take our partnership with Google to the next level,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings and TCL Electronics. “Our theme at CES this year is ‘Experience More’ and by combining cutting-edge displays with smart and convenient content powered by Google, I am confident we will allow people around the world to do just that in 2021.”

Shobana Radhakrishnan, Senior Engineering Director at Google TV, added: “We are excited to partner with TCL to bring Google TV to customers around the world. Google TV is more helpful and delightful TV experience that helps users find the content they love.”

Ultra-thin TVs with latest Mini-LED technology coming soon

Also at CES this week, TCL also debuted its OD Zero Mini-LED technology. It combines the brand’s latest generation Mini-LED backlight technology deployed with its powerful vertical integration to deliver an ultra-slim profile. With brightness, richer colours, precise contrast and smooth uniformity, OD Zero outperforms previous TCL Mini-LED technology.

OD Zero represents the optical distance between the Mini-LED backlight layer and the LCD display layer (diffuser plate), which has now been reduced to zero millimetres to create an ultra-thin high-performance backlight module.

“We believe that Mini-LED technology will continue to shape the TV industry and by pioneering the use of this technology we are, once again, elevating display quality,” added Mr Wang. “After deploying previous versions of Mini-LED already, in 2021 we will launch the world’s first OD Zero Mini-LED TV as part of TCL’s endeavour to let people around the world ‘Experience More’.”

TCL’s OD Zero technology – which is officially being rolled out later this year – uses smaller LEDs and a brand-new lens design, with more light sources, which minimises the distance between the light source and the panel. It improves the consistency of the brightness while, at the same time, it reaches a new level of thickness, making an ultra-thin TV profile possible.

TCL has been harnessing the transformative power of Mini-LEDs since 2018 with a world-first launch coming in 2020.

Looking to the future, TCL said it will continue to develop optical solutions with smaller backlights and thinner lens designs, offering clarity and colour performance with TCL Mini-LED, 8K and Quantum Dot Display Technology.