Cello launches first QLED TV and smart platform

British TV maker Cello has launched its first QLED TV with smart features based on Android 7 and its own new technology, Cello Play.

With the 55in model retailing at £799, Cello chief executive Brian Palmer called it a “big price breakthrough” and described its new smart system Cello Play, which will now be integrated with all Cello TVs, as “the best on the market today”.

At the launch, he said: “We are very excited about these new developments and believe our new smart system is the best on the market today and is exactly what consumers are really looking for, especially those people who don’t own a Sky box and there are plenty of people like that.”

All Cello products are finished and shipped from the company’s production line and factory in Bishop Auckland, County Durham

Mr Palmer said this was “something to shout about”, adding that the firm was increasing investment in research and development every year.

Andy Boden, the firm’s chief technology officer, said Cello Play not only seamlessly integrated catch-up TV, YouTube and other internet apps with terrestrial TV, but created a “super-fast” interface which would allow customers to navigate between channels and apps “within seconds”.

He said: “Cello Play will revolutionise the way people watch TV.”

Features of the Cello QLED, which is wall-mountable, include 4K Ultra HDR10, DVB-T2 tuner ready for 4K transmission and MicroSD card tested up to 1TB of storage.

“Our new QLED TV range rivals the quality of other high-street brands, but at a fraction of the price, continuing our mission to provide superior, affordable viewing to the British public,” Said Mr Palmer.

“The addition of Android 7 and Cello Play also provides seamless access to the very best functionality available to enhance the viewing experience. Our new smart TV offering is so good that we’re rolling it out across all Cello 4K and Full HD models to the benefit of a greater number of our customers.”