Cello adds a new string to its bow with Platinum TV range

British TV brand Cello has launched its new line-up of premium TVs – the Platinum range.

Previewed on board the HMS Belfast in London, the products are available in sizes from 32in to 65in.

Each model features a ‘multi-speaker system’, with four speakers inside the 32in product and six in the larger sets. Cello claimed the models offered “unrivalled cinematic surround sound audio”.

All the sets from 50in and above are 4K UHD and the entire range is equipped with Android Smart functionality, offering an exclusive interface design for Cello and ‘air mouse’ remote control capabilities.

Available from this month, the range will have a suggested retail price of £299.99 for the 32in, up to £979 for the 65in model.

Cello claimed to offer the largest range of LED TVs on the market, with 14 screen sizes and 28 models, which are all finished and shipped from its factory in County Durham.

Said Brian Palmer, chief executive of Cello Electronics: “Consumers have left me in no doubt over the years that they are dissatisfied with sound on all brands of LED TVs. We’ve designed our Platinum range to knock spots off the competition and deliver consumers the sound quality they deserve.”

Cello battery-powered C22227T2-S2 TV
Cello battery-powered C22227T2-S2 TV

The company also used the launch event to unveil its first collection of battery-powered LED TVs – the C22227T2-S2 and C32227T2-S2 – which boast a battery life of up to 10 hours.

The TVs are powered either from a conventional power point or by the lithium ion built-in battery. A digital aerial is included for digital viewing, with the models also able to operate on satellite.

Two LED lights are also included and can be powered from the TV, and the USB socket on the TV allows users to charge their mobile phone.

The 22in model is priced at £249.99 and the 32in at £329.99.

Added Mr Palmer: “Due to the flexibility our UK-based production line affords, we have the ability to constantly adapt our product range to suit customer demand or explore new niche markets.

“The battery TV range was built with portability front of mind to make sure those on the move never had to compromise on the quality of their viewing experience. The compact size options and affordable price tag further boost our extensive range, giving valued customers even more choice to find the set that is right for their specific needs.”