BSH to sue Dyson over ‘baseless’ accusations

BSH has confirmed that it is taking legal action against Dyson in the UK over its “inaccurate” and “baseless” accusations concerning energy label ratings for Bosch vacuum cleaners.

BSH said that the action against British manufacturer Dyson and its owner Sir James Dyson would be on the grounds of defamation.

Meanwhile, a Dutch court has dismissed the case brought by Dyson in the Netherlands claiming that Bosch’s energy labels were misleading consumers about the power consumption of its vacuum cleaners.

BSH chief executive Karsten Ottenberg commented: “The court stated that Dyson’s accusations were completely baseless and that BSH complies with all stipulations of the EU energy label. Dyson should now accept this and focus on fair competition between the best technologies and products instead of continually initiating legal action.”

BSH also said that in autumn 2014, it was able to prove in several European countries that Dyson had stated incorrect energy ratings on its vacuum cleaner energy labels.

It said it had obtained a court order in Germany prohibiting the usage of energy labels with the false information and that Dyson was ordered to amend the ratings on its vacuum cleaners throughout Europe, including models sold in the UK.

Earlier this month, Dyson saw its case to change EU energy labelling on vacuum cleaners dismissed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).