Brits would rather go thirsty than let someone else make their coffee!

Hundreds of coffee-loving Brits won’t allow anyone else to make them a brew, according to a recent survey commissioned by De’Longhi.

A study of 2,000 adults found just under half would rather go thirsty and tired than let someone else make their coffee as they like it “just so”.

As part of De’Longhi’s brand new Perfetto campaign, a survey conducted by OnePoll showed that perfection really is at the heart of every individual’s beverage, and there’s little trust in others to get it right. Whether it’s the fear of over-steeping the coffee, using tap water or adding too much milk, it’s clear that the UK public are somewhat discerning when it comes to their favourite drink.

Cappuccino came out as the most sought-after coffee-type, with almost 40 per cent selecting this as their drink of choice, followed by latte, flat white, Americano or classic black coffee.

This comes as De’Longhi announced Brad Pitt as its new global ambassador, appearing in the brand’s latest Perfetto advert. The Hollywood actor can be seen enjoying his own perfetto moment drinking a freshly ground cappuccino from the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus bean-to-cup coffee machine.

A nation after its own perfetto moment, the study also found that over a fifth of adults wouldn’t have any qualms about telling someone their brew was awful if it didn’t meet their standards!

Currently, only one in five respondents use a bean-to-cup coffee machine like the one used by Brad Pitt in the ad.

De’Longhi’s Marketing Director, Alex Pickering, said using a bean-to-cup machine changes the experience entirely. “We knew that coffee was the nation’s favourite drink but even we were surprised at the levels people were willing to go in order to get perfection.

“Every person’s coffee experience is different and clearly perfection is the standard, and whilst for some it may be about consuming caffeine in the fastest way possible, making a bean-to-cup coffee your way is the best way to get that perfetto moment, every single time.”