Bowers & Wilkins’ new Formation Suite: An exclusive interview

At the end of April, Bowers & Wilkins launched a new five-model Suite of wireless audio products – called Formation.

The high-end audio brand has drawn on its 50-year heritage of iconic engineering and acoustic expertise to develop Formation Wireless Technology, an all-new proprietary Mesh Network featuring a patented Perfect Speaker Synchronisation function that can transfer audio between speakers in under one microsecond and in true 24-bit/96kHz resolution – to allow the Formation Suite to guarantee the ‘Highest Form of Sound’.

Five products currently feature in the Formation Suite:

■ Formation Wedge – Characterised by its 120-degree elliptical speaker shape and dedicated full-range stereo sound components.

■ Formation Bar – Nine optimised drive units provide a wide soundstage including a dedicated centre channel.

■ Formation Bass – Opposed drivers, powerful amplifiers and Dynamic EQ provide bass response without distortion. Can be paired with other Formation components.

■ Formation Duo – Adopts the same Carbon Dome tweeter-on-top technology and Continuum Cone mid/ bass drive unit as Bowers & Wilkins’ wired speakers.

■ Formation Audio – Patented Formation Wireless Technology turns any traditional analogue component into a high-fidelity streaming device for a best-of-all worlds experience.

“It’s a real change from what the normal B&W customer is used to”

In an exclusive interview with ERT, Peter May, B&W’s General Manager, UK Sales, said: “We didn’t have a product that fit into this multi- room setup area, but this has been the result of the three-year partnership between EVA and B&W.”

ERT Editor, Jack Cheeseman, went to London last month to see the new Formation Suite products in action. Read about this and the interview with Peter May in the June issue, available here.