Bosch partners with Youreko to help consumers save money on appliances

Bosch has partnered with Youreko to help consumers save money when buying appliances.

Using the Youreko Energy Savings Tool via the Bosch website, customers can view and compare running costs and real money savings over the lifetime of multiple appliances. They can also use the tool to see if there’s another Bosch appliance that could be more cost effective, thus making informed decisions about which model to purchase.

The tool displays running cost and savings information for Bosch washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers. It shows how much each appliance will save in energy costs compared to the least efficient like-for-like model in the market. There’s also a gold, silver or bronze rating based on those energy savings. The tool then provides recommendations based on energy savings that have a financial benefit. For example, an alternative Bosch product may be £50 more to buy but cost £300 less to run over its lifetime.

The tool can also be personalised to reflect consumers’ individual usage. For example, they could input how many times a week they use the appliance and the number of years they’d expect its lifetime to be. The tool will adjust to show if the model they’ve selected is the most suitable one or if there’s a more cost- or energy-efficient Bosch appliance. Crucially, it will tailor results to match the capacity of the appliance customers initially chose (for example, a 9KG washing machine or 600–699-litre fridge-freezer) so that they’re not overwhelmed with options.

Lucy Bye, Group Marketing Manager at Bosch, said the tool allows consumers to make conscious decisions when buying appliances for their home.

“By being able to compare running costs and money savings, customers can ensure they pick the right model based on what’s most important to them.”

Patrick Verdon, Youreko’s Founder, added: “With sustainable choices becoming more important than ever, our Energy Savings Tool helps people understand how making a smart energy choice translates into savings on running costs when buying a Bosch appliance.”